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Friday, July 13, 2012

Kitchen cabinet makeover, before and after photos

This view is of the island prior to trimming it out.
As you can see the tower that houses the microwave and oven stand off the other cabinets, this gave me the idea that I could paint it to look as if it were built separately as a single unit. The lowers on the dishwasher side were also to be designated as dark.
The doors were removed and everything got a prime coat.
The island trim pieces I picked out at Lowes. My island does not have much of an overhang on the lip of the counter so I had to be mindful of that fact when choosing trim.
At the base of my cabinets all I had was shoe moulding. It was very scuffed and blotchy from years of mopping and very scuffed up. We trimmed all of the cabinets with moulding followed by shoe moulding on top. I remembered thinking how tiny the island looked when it was in this stage.
I ordered my knobs and pulls from Lowes. When we attached the knobs they were too big, so I exchanged them for these lovely ovals. Love them so much. As you can see the old white cabinets are slightly distressed. The knobs have a lovely beading detail on them. I am very pleased with how they look.
The pulls add such charm to the drawers. I had already installed an oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet by Delta and these match perfectly. I also have the oiled bronze look on the ceiling fan, which in Texas you cannot live without. (I have a fun upgrade to the fan I will share soon).
I hoped to capture the dark cabinet look. I think my painter has the knack, don't you?

I am so very pleased with my two-tone design look. I think the dark makes the white appliances pop! The new color on the wall is Sherwin Williams Virtual Taupe. I usually stay away from Taupe because of its tendencies to lean pink, but I really love the rich tone this color has. It matches my Corian counters, grout and tile perfectly. The counters look amazing without going to the expense of granite.
Finished island close up.
For me, the contrast of the dark against the white appliances makes all the difference. I don't think I would have been near as happy with the cream next to them.

I love being in my new space. Now I have to begin on my windows and bringing back some accessories and adding in a few new I have picked up as the kitchen was underway.
I hope if there are those of you out there thinking about whether or not to paint your cabinets that mine will serve as inspiration to help you make up your mind! :)
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Kitchen makeover, starting place

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am changing my decor to a more cottage, shabby look. My kitchen transformation took a little longer than anticipated but I am very pleased with the results.
I searched far and wide trying to decide what would work in my kitchen transformation.
My cabinets are standard builders grade maple which had yellowed.

Here is my starting point photo. After 12 years I was ready for new paint and a cabinet facelift. The result is "remarkable" in my humble opinion. It's all about our individual tastes though right?
I would love to know what you think. Stay tuned for progress photos.

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