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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You are gonna flip over this Flip Fold!

Even after 40 years of marriage my dh (darling hubby) and I were going around and around with how to fold his T-shirts. Particularly when he installed our closet system for me. He wanted his Harley Davidson T-shirts folded like the store. I am a perfectionist and had a hard time getting them folded just right. I wanted to just fold them in half lengthwise and go from there.
Then I was in The Container Store one day and spotted a Blue FlipFOLD! It was around $15 and I wondered how well it worked, or if it was a useless gadget? I thought it was worth a try, in particular with their liberal return policy.
I put it to the test!!! It is wonderful, I wish the product would have been available when I was folding laundry for 5 kids! I love this thing! I fold towels, dh's underwear, pillowcases, shorts etc. on it! It is seriously fantastic! They also sell a junior size for children's clothing. Ever wonder how the stores fold their clothing so neat? Now you know! I know, that any of you that worked in a clothing store probably know about this great tool, but I never had and I was in "fold heaven" there such a place? No! But it makes the whole job more pleasant for me.
Note: There are other brands on the market that probably work equally as well.
I am posting a tutorial of using it here and how the stack looks when I'm done.
By the way? It is great for packing too!!!!
Flip the bottom of the shirt up to the bottom of the folder

Flip the right section over, note his sleeve is laying on the opposite side.

Again, since his shirts are large, it requires one extra flip.

This is so quick and makes it so easy it's the best thing EVER for laundry day!
Flip up to finish! So fast!

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  1. I worked in retail in the '80s and would have loved to use something like this to keep everything stacked neatly. More recently we watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory and Sheldon was using a flipfold in the laundry room - I don't think my Husband has laughed that loud in a long time. (We love that show - it really reminds us of our respective college experiences.LOL!)

    I did not realize the flipfolds were still being sold. I will have to look into it for my kids. That might make helping with their chores more fun.

  2. I always dreamed of owning a flipfold. I live in California where T-Shirts are worn nearly year 'round. I use the Japanese T-Shirt folding technique now. You can YouTube it and try it. The flipfold will always be the best idea for the kids, though. It takes incredible coordination to do a Japanese fold.

  3. Katherine, you are so right! My grandkids love this! lol
    And Sharon, I do remember someone forwarding the YouTube video to me! I had to go give it another look and practice! I was able to master the technique after a few tries, however...I like that the FlipFOLD makes all shirts the same size for the stack, no matter what size shirt you are folding, although the Japanese method is definitely quicker! lol

    Thanks for sharing, you guys have great ideas!
    Too bad I'm so hung up on uniformity. There goes that OCD in me again....I keep hoping someday it won't matter anymore! lol

  4. Hi Shirley - thanks for stopping by Neas Nuttiness. I hope you'll take a minute to visit
    Libby's Library News - reviews and giveaways -

    I've had fun reading through your posts:-)
    Having raised 10 kids I sure wish that I had that fantastic Flip would have made my life so much easier!

  5. I still hang my tees...keeps kiddos drawers clean! When I fit in a cute tee must get me one of these!

  6. Yes, I agree this would work best on a shelf.


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