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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like?

Is it me or do retailers put up Christmas decor earlier and earlier? So by posting my Christmas Tree does that put me in the same category as them? I say NO.

And here is why.

I am all about the spiritual side of the season, but have always loved decorating and the music and buying or making special presents. I love everything about Christmas!

In order for me to enjoy the main "reason" for the holiday, I find I enjoy it more when I prepare ahead of time.

Yes, I organize Christmas!

One helpful idea, especially if you have a large family is purchasing their present during their birthday month, when buying the birthday gift. Usually you have some great gift ideas, more than you can afford for one event and it's nice to have Christmas taken care of then. One drawback is if there needs to be any exchanges or returns this poses a problem. Another plus though is gifts can be given when you might see the person as opposed to having to pay shipping costs, running to the Post Office or shipping company.
The more people you have to buy for the earlier you need to start. Many stores have gone back to accepting layaways again which helps out budget-wise and getting it done early.
I have 14 grandchildren, they range in age from 14 to as young as 1. Many times it is a good idea to find a special gift that all would enjoy and give everyone the same gift, perhaps in different colors. For instance one year I gave robes and pjs to all the kids. Knowing what you plan to buy ahead of the shopping trip is very beneficial. You take along the list of sizes and you have your budget set and you are good to go. I topped off the gift with a a favorite video for each family. Another great idea is to give similar age children the same gift. 
This year I am completely finished with two of my families. Some of it was done online with free shipping. My daughters do have to wrap the goodies when they arrive. But they don't seem to mind. I have two more families to buy for and some of those children will be getting the same gifts the others will receive.
I just have to share these adorable dinosaurs that I bought this year. They are by Learning Curve Dinosaur Train! Be sure if you get any that you buy the Interactive ones. They talk to each other!!!! I know my special needs granddaughter is going to be thrilled with these, as well as my other grandchildren who are receiving them. 

Other ideas I use are add ons. For instance I purchased Geotrax for some of the boys! It is really nice to add to a gift they have received in the past. Makes the old toy new again and teaches them to care for their toys.

When I buy Christmas ahead of time, it allows me to do special little things for them when I can truly enjoy what I am doing. Little handmade items, like fleece blankets, puppet theaters, special treat bags, or handmade ornaments or perhaps a special book. I find this way I truly enjoy the season.

Now, what to do for those grown children of mine!
Stay tuned! :)


  1. sniff. sniff. look at your tree. it's so beautiful. your house looks all cozy christmasy. bobbies wants some cocoa and a blankie. let's watch it's a wonderful life. after we go eat fish tacos and catch a chic flic. c'mon-

  2. Actually, that post was 76 days ago and no, I didn't have my tree up then. That's last years pic! hee hee!
    But I want to sip cocoa with a blankie and watch the movie and eat fish tacos and see a chic flic!
    Maybe the boys keep us apart on purpose!!! We'd never get anything else done! lol
    miss you sniff


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