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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner Tips

Timeline and Tips for Stress free Thanksgiving

Three days prior: Shop for groceries and buy turkey now if frozen, it takes 3 days to defrost in refrigerator.

Things you can do the Day before:
Bake Cornbread
Chop onion, celery and mushrooms for gravy, dressing etc.
Bake pies

Prepare Mac Cheese
Cook macaroni, layer pasta, alternating with butter slices, Velveeta and cheddar cheese soup mixed with milk.

Shoot up turkey; fold his wings underneath him so he stands pretty. Cook breast down for juicy breast. (Warning: might not look as pretty for picture.)

If making Por-Tur-Chick (my own "Cajun" invention), debone turkey breast, pound to flatten slightly, layer Owens hot sausage on top, pound chicken breasts, probably need two depending on size, lay on top and roll the layers around the Chapel Hill jalapeno smoked sausage. Secure with string ties and inject with butter, seasonings, Worchestershire sauce, +. (make up as you go :)

Take your cool whip out of the freezer

Day of:
Check to see how long your bird needs to cook and figure out what time you plan to eat.
If you are cooking a large turkey you need to get him in first, especially if you only have one oven.
Assemble Dressing

Begin Rolls or biscuits ( yeast rolls take longer)

Put yams on to boil
Boil taters

Assemble green bean casserole directions are on can

Assemble Green Stuff

Cut fruit for fruit salad, apples, pineapple tidbits, bananas (just before serving), fruit cocktail drained, chopped pecans, colored marshmallows. Add cool whip as served.

Slice yams, layer with slices of butter, sprinkle brown sugar and broken pecans, top with marshmallows, butter, pecans and brown sugar.
Bake 30 minutes at 350ยบ

Assemble relish tray

Check your bird each hour and baste with drippings and check more often toward end of cooking. His legs should move very easy if he is close to done. Insert meat thermometer to be sure. Remove foil to brown last 30 minutes. Turkey needs to rest before carving.
Remove juice with turkey baster, put some in dressing and make gravy with the rest.

Jackies Southern Macaroni and Cheese
 Grease baking dish, layer cooked macaroni, dotted with butter, Campbells Cheddar Cheese soup mixed with milk and slices of Velveeta. End with cheese. Mac cheese should take about 30-35 minutes to bake, as it bakes, stir and add milk to make it creamy, (every 10 minutes)  Add shredded cheddar about half way through and keep it stirred adding milk as needed. About 10 minutes before it is done add shredded cheese to top. (Tip: if you slightly undercook your macaroni when boiling, your mac and cheese won't be mushy :)

Green beans, rolls, mac cheese and yams can all cook together.
Heat the corn, go on add butter its Thanksgiving.


Begin browning flour in oil for gravy. Stir slowly over medium heat to desired brownness. Add cool water or broth quickly while stirring followed by hot broth. (I add turkey drippings) A can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup can be added for added flavor. Add mushrooms and taste for need of seasoning.


Mash potatoes with a stick of butter, a cup of sour cream, salt, pepper and Pet milk.

Chipped Beef Ball and Ham Roll Ups and Shrimp Dip are family favorites!

Serve, bless and eat! At our house we take turns sharing the special things we are thankful for!
This blog post was for the Crowley family Thanksgiving, you can easily substitute in your family favorites and enjoy a stress free Thanksgiving.

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  1. ok, i am like so hungry right now. forget mcdonalds breakfast! i want some l.o.'s!

  2. OK, can i come to your house on thanksgiving? or any day of the year for that matter?


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