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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Attack that closet now!

Hello! Yes I know, I have been MIA! So I have allowed you to have a nice holiday hiatus! Now back to organizing!
When seasons change, it is time to purge clothes in the closet. (You will determine when to do this task from the climate you live in) I am fortunate to have a spare closet to store "out of season" clothing. If you do not have this option, try under bed storage, attic space, or Space Bags are a great way to conserve space. Some people use stored suitcases to store out of season wear.
As you can see I group pants by color using hangers that come from the dry cleaners. Additionally, the items are grouped by type, ie., casual, jeans, and dress, etc.
Be sure you examine each piece of clothing you are about to store. Are they worn out? Did you wear them this past season? Do they need repair, ripped or missing buttons? And are they clean?
Then as you pull out your past season clothes, ask yourself... Do I still like this? Has the trend past for wearing this? Is it really worn? Then purge again. It is nice to keep a pad and pencil handy to make remarks for shopping. If your black tank is snagged and faded, maybe it's time to treat yourself to a new one.

If you do not have upper and lower rods in your closet you are missing out on valuable storage space. Photos in magazines always have 8 or 9 shirts neatly hanging there and of course the closet looks beautiful, and I always have to chuckle at the ads because most of the time all the shirts are the same color. Unfortunately, your closet or mine is never going to look like the ad. If you are like most people you have a lot more than a few shirts, and you own different colors.
In this view sweaters, and turtleneck tanks are left and then tanks sorted by color that I wear underneath jackets in the winter where I live. On the end by the wall are print styles. Note I always put empty hangers at the front of the rod when I take something out to wear, then they are handy when I'm ready to hang laundered clothes or things I plan to wear again. You can buy a basket to toss them in if you prefer. But when I hang them up I always put the item back in color order.

This shows the upper rod of the closet where all of my blouses, 3/4 sleeve T's and a few winter color T's  are.  Check out the nifty belt rack that I purchased at Lowes from ClosetMaid
 This hides behind the door but is perfect for accessorizing, right inside the closet! I have a full length mirror in the closet for dressing.

Think all of my closet space is organized? Think again! I saw some great acrylic shelf dividers in a magazine that I plan to purchase from The Container Store to remedy this problem I have with purses and bags. I promise to show you the end result!
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  1. Hi Shirley,

    Thank you for sharing your closet organization tips - including your recommendation to use Space Bag products to store unused clothing. You certainly have a lot of great tips for maintaining a well-organized home. Just wanted to let you know that Space Bag has an online community called the Space Savers community for organizing aficionados just like you! We have articles full of organizing advice, weekly blog posts and special offers on Space Bag products for community members. Please feel free to visit us at and share your tips in a member story. Hope to hear from you soon!

    Best wishes,
    Space Savers Community correspondent

  2. oh please mom-your closet does to look like an ad! for chico's! have you checked your insurance policy for coverage on your clothes alone? for real. it's like a rainbow in there.

  3. oh and i am cracking up cuz i have like one pair of jeans and i am not even kidding! ROTFLMBO!
    ok seriously. that is not funny.

  4. lololol, Maybe i should own stock in Chico's?
    And I ain't feeling sorry for your lack of jeans, it's all that weight your losing chick, everything else is falling off and you don't want to buy anymore because you are on the way to "skinnydom".
    SO there you go missy.

  5. An update on the shelf dividers! I did not care to spend $15+ dollars on each separator! I am really disappointed that I have not been able to complete this task. I did find some inexpensive white wire one, but it appears that The Container Store, nor Ikea have anything like the one I showed in the photo.
    I am still brainstorming, please jump in with suggestions, that pile up there is on my last nerve. :)


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