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It is perpetual, living life and keeping it simple. Peace of mind comes from having a place for things. As I watched "Horton Hears a Who", with my grandchildren I thought about no matter how "tiny" the thing, it deserves a home. So I live by the old adage, a place for everything and everything in its respective place...

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Simplify your Life week

I just learned that the first week of August is "Simplify your Life week!" I love these crazy little holidays that give us a reason to act, right?
Let's all post this week one thing we will do to simplify our life. You cannot deny that we all need this. It can be as simple as cleaning our your glovebox in your car. Are there really any gloves in there? Old outdated car insurance cards?
How about cleaning our your purse or briefcase. How about that lap drawer on your desk? hmmm the simplifying is endless.
So, I'm giving you a week to think it over.....come on post blast me. :)

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