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Monday, August 27, 2012

Give your ceiling fan a vintage twist

I have been so busy on my shabby quest that I haven't posted too often. I have taken a lot of photos to help inspire you to do your own thing though. It's catching you know, ask my daughters! :)
Today I'm posting my ceiling fan makeover. In Houston it is difficult to live without ceiling fans although I've heard decorators despise them?
After seeing the filament bulbs online I had to use them in my made over kitchen. The milk glass shades were okay but I'm in love with the way it looks now.
Here is the fan as it came as purchased from Lowes Home Improvement.

There is a small collar inside the shade. After you remove the bulb you can unscrew it in order to remove the old shade. Sometimes turning the shade counterclockwise will help you loosen the collar to begin removing it.
You are now ready to add your filament bulbs and new shades.

First remove any price stickers and clean thoroughly. Then add the shade, then screw in the collar. You are then ready to replace your bulb.

Friends and family think I bought a new fan! I'm really happy with the vintage look. The bubbled glass of the shade adds to the overall look. I got both bulbs and new shades from Lowes. (Note: even though both my old ceiling fan bulbs and new filament bulbs are both 40 watt, The filament bulbs aren't as bright.) I like the subdued light because we have enough bright light in other areas. Be sure you do not replace your bulbs with a higher wattage than your ceiling fan manufacturer recommends.


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  1. It looks great! Amazing how such a small change can make such a big impact. I love our ceiling fans. I can't imagine a house without them!

    1. Thank you Laura, and as I make the small changes, I realize the ...."what seemed like insurmountable task of going shabby", is becoming a reality. I too cannot imagine life without ceiling fans. Big energy savers! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you love. I can't wait for you to see everything in person!

  3. You did a great job, Shirley! Those new shades and bulbs definitely changed the entire appeal of the ceiling fan. Yup, it really looks vintage, which gives your room a new spin. =)

    - Staci Severns


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