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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Old Antique Hutch Makeover

The Basement Hutch

It was a cold winter in 1971

It was college days and I was a young mother living in a rent house converted into two apartments. I became friends with my 80 something landlady and her sister, who lovingly gave me my first lessons on china painting. They were so amazing. During our painting session I told them about my china that was still boxed up from my wedding. Not long after that conversation she was on my doorstep and took me down to a dark basement beneath the home we were living in and gave me a cute bookcase for our daughter and sold me "the basement hutch" for me to put my china in for $25, which I paid for over a period of WEEKS! ; )

Here she is after following us back and forth across the country until she began to break apart and ended up in our storage..... :(

The Old Hutch was literally falling to pieces. It was not only covered in dust but had  a Yellow Antiquing kit from the 1970's era.  
The smoked glass panes were removed and we put plain glass back.
The original crystal knobs were still in good condition. My landlady said the piece was more than 100 years old back then. So the piece is close to 140 plus years now. It was handmade, quite primitive.

As you can see this was a major undertaking. Completely re-glueing. I'm just glad that my hubby knows how to do this!

The transformation begins.

I had plans to do Annie Sloan French Linen and distress from there, but the yellow popped out neon.  So I decided to go with the ASCP Duck Egg Blue on the inside, and go French Linen over the top. I have a corner piece in the dining room that I will show you soon that also had the French Linen on it.

I am pleased with the rustic look, even with a tiny bit of yellow showing. 

I found these adorable apliques that added charm to the doors.

The key still works! 

It's so fun to have her back in the house. 

The OLD Hutch

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