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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Easy Fall Decor Tour 2015

Fall is Here!

Friends who know me, know I play throughout the year with fun ever changing place settings. There are only the two of us now and I change out, mix and match, placemats, chargers, plates, bowls, napkins and rings according to the season at the end of my island where the barstools are! I search for two's of things at thrift stores, sale racks and garage sales. I even go to my yard for vase fillers or napkin holders. I love how bright and cheery that end of the counter is. 

Even though I admit to having favored seasons I change out my flowers to reflect mother nature's changing color patterns. BESIDES, there is always a one of a kind sunset each day.

I dress up the entry table. It's fun to have containers full of fun choices to change it up each year.

Things don't have to be complicated. Toss a pretty runner on the table, fill a vase with flowers and scatter some leaves! I scored this and two other lovely copper pots in a local yard sale recently! I love its character.

I love grasses and grain stems. They seem to hollar "fall". The piece at the top of the bucket? It's just a swag bent around the edge. Simple no fuss arranging!

Above is the fall fireplace and mantle. The fall tree is up, but still adding things to it. It's near time to put up Halloween and then after Thanksgiving the fall tree retreats to the Master area undresses it's fall adornments and brings Christmas to our bedroom with woodland creatures.

Left is my Coffee Filter wreath, I use it year round, moving it from place to place. I love it's simplicity

Below is a snap of the mantle. Again simple and rustic.

 Vignettes are so much fun to create. Using odd numbers be sure your use varying heights. You can't go wrong. Notice that even though the items are different they share sparkle.
The entry is always a good place to share seasonal blisss!

Tomorrow I'll share the entry! I hope you are inspired and see how easy it is to bring in the seasons.

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