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It is perpetual, living life and keeping it simple. Peace of mind comes from having a place for things. As I watched "Horton Hears a Who", with my grandchildren I thought about no matter how "tiny" the thing, it deserves a home. So I live by the old adage, a place for everything and everything in its respective place...

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Make your small laundry bright and pretty

itty bitty laundry

When I purchased my new Samsung front loaders I measured carefully.... or so I thought.
The thing that sticks out of the door that goes in the door jamb to keep the door closed barely brushed the front window of the dryer.... sigh
I promptly taped the door closer flat against the door until I could figure out what to do. 
Take door off
Send the pair back to the store and choose top loaders
Have a plumber come and shorten the gas pipe that causes the pair to jut out into the room
Order doors two doors that fit the opening.

I decided to order the doors and had them installed to open into the hall. It worked out well.
Here is the set up so far. I need handles for the cabinets and I think I want to get rid of the bases so I can use the top of the machines for folding.

I may try to use them under the white cabinets on the wall under the stairs in there. They provide excellent storage. I just cannot reach into the cabinets above them anymore without a step stool.
 These cabinets make nice storage, but I think different handles would give them a better look?
 The bottles hold my laundry soap.

 The cute metal bide has my swifter stack and the other cubbie holds the dusters.

 This is a utility room. Various floor cleaning tools hang here. aprons, battery storage and electric screw driver stay here. Those little baskets hanging on the wall are used in the summer months to guard our food from bugs when serving outdoors. I think they make cute wall art in the mean time. :)
 I found an old bushel basket like my mother used to use and put extra pool towels in it.
 The colorful bins hold raffia that I use to tie herbs or gifts, the next one holds swim diapers for our "wee guests" pun intended. And the bottoms has string, jute, burlap ribbon that I'm always using for something.
 This sign is so colorful and matched my color scheme completely. Love the thought.
Here is the view walking in. Any suggestions or comments welcome. This is a work in progress.
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  1. so much to little time. let's plan a conference call. :D

    i love the brightness. i have been brightening mine up too!


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