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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Garden Glove Storage

Tis the Season...
For gardening that is!
I have sought the perfect garden glove for ages and I think I may have found the "one"!
My goatskin gloves are wonderful.
What I like about them is:
  1. They are soft and subtle. Best of all they stay that way when you get them wet.
  2. Available at Lowes
  3. Protect my hands
  4. Last longer than cloth or canvas gloves.
  5. Leather has a tendency to get stiff after they are wet.
I recently saw where someone posted on Pinterest showing magnets being sewn into the cuffs of the gloves to attach them to a metal bucket to keep track of them. One reader pointed out that the magnets would stick to the side of washer or dryer. Good point I thought. Someone else mentioned that she clips hers with a clothes pin to her plastic weed bucket! 
I love this idea!

As for drying out my gloves if they have gotten wet? I simply place them over the top of my lopers to allow air to circulate through and they wave at me when I'm looking for a pair. Tell me about your gloves or other gardening equipment. I will be posting my own tried and true methods too!


  1. and LOVING the season i am. all of my plants came back. :D YAY! now i am trying my hand at an indoor. it is small and still green i might add. one at a time. i will send pictures! oh and i will have to look into a pair of those kind of gloves. i find my hands are almost to big for the dainty little lady gloves they make. long fingers...

  2. i don't see no stinkin tables!


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