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Friday, March 22, 2013

6 tips on How to Store Favorite Cookbooks

6 Tips for Storing Favorite Cookbooks

and other books in your kitchen
I have always enjoyed cooking, thus, I have accumulated various and sundry books throughout my near 43 years of marriage along with books on gardening, specialty growing, books about birds and those on herbs. I like to keep them all in a handy location so I am able to easily refer to them.
Tip 1
I prefer to sort my cookbooks by type. The first thing I would aim for is to keep cookbooks I use regularly in a convenient location. For me this includes, my Better Homes and Gardens, Joy of Cooking, my Louisiana cookbooks and some church cookbooks with many family favorites and lastly one I compiled for my grown children that includes all their favorites growing up. each of these books fit neatly in the bottom drawer of my desk in the kitchen.

Tip 2
I have many diet cookbooks, from Weight Watchers mainly. I keep those on a shelf above the desk inside the cabinet. You will want to sort your books accordingly. It simplifies finding the recipe you want when you need it.
Tip 3
I have appliances that came with a cookbook too that I occasionally like to refer to. I own a Cameron cooker and a Vitamix for instance. Most of these are irregular shapes and sizes. I store those a shelf in the same cabinet as my diet books.
Tip 4
If you are a gardener, you might have collected numerous books on different subjects involving gardening. I found a lovely cranberry crate at a local shop and it works perfectly for most of my gardening and birding books.
It fits perfectly on the bottom of this little shelf.
 Tip 5 Some of my garden books were too big to fit in the crate. I love that the doors on my sweet shabby piece in the breakfast room  can house the too tall books. 
With computers now, we have the luxury of storing recipes online or on our home computer. I frequently find myself with my iPad on its prop with a recipe I'm cooking. 
Having all your books handy in the kitchen brings me to 

Tip 6 When you are ready to menu plan, everything is at your fingertips right there in your kitchen or workstation. When your books are organized it makes it easy to plan meals, make your grocery list and go shopping.

Cooking kind of evolves. I didn't learn a lot of lessons from my mother, but I did learn in Home Economics. I must say I observed my mother as she cooked and she was really good at it. I fondly remember coming in on a snowy day to GIANT yeast rolls, to this day I crave them and cave in if a restaurant places that basket on the table. Her cinnamon rolls were divine! She loved to bake and always had fresh bread made along with cakes and cookies and pies.
Here is my mom's well loved book, can't you just feel her love of decades of cooking?

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