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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Adorable Burlap Stool

Burlap! I'm in love with it!

I store wheat in plastic buckets

One of my favorite places to go browse for fun new things for my house is Home Goods. I've found some really great bargains there. (I do not get paid for mentioning any store in my blog.) On a recent jaunt I spotted this adorable burlap stool with a padded top! The price was $19.99, I swooped it up, wishing they had three of them.

 I purchased this with a thought in mind, actually several thoughts. One, extra seating, especially when the grandkids are visiting. Two, a place to stash my wheat that I can readily access when I need to fill my smaller pantry bin. Three... well I just love burlap!
The photo is a little dark, but as you can see, the bucket fits down inside the stool, but sticks out the top. So I simply added a ruffle to the lid to hide the part of the bucket that is sticking out the top. This has got me thinking though. For any of you that also store wheat, we could easily cover our buckets with burlap. Buy a foam pad for the lid and cover it with burlap and voila! Extra seating and wheat storage dilemma solved.
So maybe you don't store wheat. You can even buy this type of empty bucket at the home improvement store. Think of it, You could store your kids toys, camping gear, tools, you name it. So grab your glue gun and go cover one and come back and tell me where I can see it.
Please let me know about ways you disguise your buckets of wheat. I'm just thrilled with mine. 

just one problem now...i'm staying away from bread for now :(

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