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It is perpetual, living life and keeping it simple. Peace of mind comes from having a place for things. As I watched "Horton Hears a Who", with my grandchildren I thought about no matter how "tiny" the thing, it deserves a home. So I live by the old adage, a place for everything and everything in its respective place...

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Scrapbook Room Decorative Touches

Deciding on a theme for my room was fun! I already had my desk my husband had altered to fit the wall in our new home. I had to work around the Murphy bed so when we had guests they would feel comfortable in my workspace.
My children had given me a cute little sign that said "One shoe can change your life" - Cinderella. This stems from one of my favorite movies and storybooks as a young child. I always believed my prince would come, and boy did he! So the pink, black and green struck a cord with me. I went to Hobby Lobby looking for fun additions to the decor, I liked the French theme and chose black and cream toile for fabric. These cute inexpensive home decor items add such fun to the room. The two diamond shaped plaques are tin. Notice the little block letters mounted on a dowel that spell magnifique! The letters were painted black spelling "create" and edged in pink. The two large photos were taken in my garden. I had the walls painted and shopped for bedding and draperies.

I made the clock from a Heidi Swapp kit.
Continuing across the top shelf of the desk unit.
Camera reel tins that gifts came in, old cameras, feathers cute framed saying my daughter gave me. Check out my glass slipper, good thing he didn't ask me to try that tiny thing on! :)

Note the dress form draped with the boa, I had to have this to go with my antique child Singer sewing machine I used to play with at my seamstress grandmothers home. Just fun stuff, surround yourself with things you love!

The Paris themed wall hangings came from Hobby Lobby. I picked the "memories" up on a trip.
Oh, and YES the French phone does work.

Desk level views

Before my carousel was painted, oh I like it so much better painted black! I love the Quickutz Magpie Black Nesting Storage System with the little pink tins!
So many cubbies to store things in this desk! I'm so glad my husband was able to alter it to fit!

Look right, check out the explanation of this checkered storage in my other post!

The magnetic strip on the back came from The Container Store, the tins with clear lids are available at Ikea, I think its the least expensive place to get them. I have since added a second row of the strip. The black and cream box houses ribbon stored on wooden palettes.  I have tried ribbon looped as a skirt on my dress form, purchased one of those ribbon see thru storage thingies, wrapped it on paddles, wrapped it on wooden clothes pins, wound it on spools. Nothing has struck me to leave it all in one place yet although I'd like to. Ideas? So I have it on my embellishment center on a rod, in this black box and stored in the shadow boxes and some in the jars you see here.
This is an old VCR cabinet. I hung on to it thinking it might come in handy because it matched the furniture in the room. Here is what I ended up doing with it. Can you say "Punch it UP"?
You may be asking why I have SO many punches? I owned a store and I let my customers use these during crops. Truthfully all of them do not even fit in this cabinet. I have some extra large ones stored in the closet, along with alphabet punches.

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