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Monday, June 28, 2010

Photo Organization Form

Filling in a form like this may seem menial, but you will be amazed at how easy it is to slip piles of photos into an organized system. 

Click on the link to the left where you can send an email to request this form as a download word document. Simply email and request the Photo Organization form. You can then open it in a Word document and edit it.

If you want to use this as an outline for creating your own form you can easily customize it by adding family member names and birth dates, anniversaries or other holidays you celebrate, list any event where you take photos every year, maybe you rent a house boat each year or hold a family reunion the same month every year. Keep this one as your master and copy it each time you organize a new year of photos.

Copy the master for each year of photos you are organizing. The year is filled in when you use the form. Fill in the ages of children or family members for that year. Then you are ready to begin.

Set up your file according to how many photos you need to organize. I purchased archival manilla folders and placed them inside hanging folders in file drawers. You might not need a system this large and you can purchase a file box at an office supply store, or fold your form in front of the photo storage boxes if your prefer. 

The memory joggers on this form prevents you from having to remember how old someone was in that particular year. As you begin, look for clues in the background of the photo. If you moved or changed flooring, furnishings or wall color, this may give you a general idea of time frame.

Once your photos are organized they can be easily placed in albums, scrapbooked and even shared. 

Send any questions.
Shirley :)

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