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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Glitter Anyone

I found this adorable container at Target! It is a perfect storage solution for my glitter. I love keeping colorful supplies in view, they inspire me and this? Just makes me want to sprinkle something! :)


  1. I'm looking and looking at Target (what a great store by the way) but I can't find them.
    Love the way you store your glitter. I find glitter all over the place, before I even used it.

  2. I know Chantal, this idea has been on for a long time and it seems like Target wouldn't stop carrying them since I know many people have used this idea. These little bottles are, as you know used at banquets, weddings etc. Before I used them for this purpose I would hunt them down in antique shops because my husband likes to share his hot pepper sprinkle with friends. I know The Container Store has some of the bottles. Now the cute little holder that might be another story. If I ever find it again I will post it here. I want to put embossing powders in them too! Hope that helps!

  3. $11.99, of course you have to pay shipping and handling but that even includes the carrier!!!

  4. Check at your local Sur la Table too!

  5. Is there any chance you could give a link to the item, I can't find it anywhere? Fabulous idea.


    Then put salt and pepper shakers in the search. Theirs holds 12 bottles for $12.95

  7. I found the salt & pepper shakers for $.99 a piece at the container store.

  8. found the one pictured on amazon:

    Thanks for the great idea!

  9. This one holds sixteen like in the photo. I think it's the exact same one.

  10. Can't find the salt and pepper rack in this great idea...... Use a spice rack, just be sure the tops will allow you to SPRINKLE..... Go Round or Square. Elaine

  11. has a similar one for $15.

    Mrs. Organized just featured this use for the shaker rack as well.


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