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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What am I supposed to do with this half bath Mr. builder?

Many homes these days are built with one or more half baths. They come in handy for guests and make nice private places in our master baths. At times even full baths now host a pedestal sink, commode and shower... with absolutely no storage whatsoever.

Personally, I wanted a pleasantly decorated space to offer my guests when the need arose. But mine had the pedestal sink, no cabinets, an oval mirror and was stark white.
My solution was to faux the wall, I went dramatic even if it was a small space, I played with color. I used an eggplant basecoat and a green and gold glaze faux I did with a sponge.
I replaced the oval mirror with a nice wood framed mirror, replaced the faucet with a bronze oil rubbed version, along with the tissue dispenser and found this little pair of metal crates with hinged lids (Hobby Lobby) to seat silently at the base of the pedestal. See what I store there in the photo below.
The bins are large enough to hold a roll of paper towels, basin and toilet cleaner, glass cleaner, Pledge, and room freshener spray. The top one holds extra hand towels. My bins are heavy enough that I don't worry about my visiting little ones being able to access cleaning supplies, but if they were present 24/7 I wouldn't store here.

The photo to the right shows a wooden magazine rack and a stepping stool for my grandchildren to pull to the sink when needed. They can reach the sink, soap, towel and light. Works good for us.

The last photo shows a cabinet I chose to hold extra tissue. My guests can easily see where the extra is if needed.

Hope these ideas help you with your half bath storage.
I will share my master bath potty area soon.
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  1. Love your half bath! Although I have a regular sink with cabinetry (which isn't the best), I need to redo the whole room and this is great inspiration! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. At least with your cabinet you have a place for extra tissue etc. Mine had nothing!! And the crazy thing was there was nothing out there either, other than those units that fit over the commode. I did not care for those units sitting on the floor and some of them can be expensive for what you get.
    My bath has been like this for more than 7 years! So I'm ready for at least a wall color change, but people still "wow" it and think it is wallpaper, which I don't have a speck of wallpaper in my home. But the rest of my choices for that room seem timeless to me, I still love the rest.
    I will post one more photo this morning that gives a little drama, and function to the room.

  3. brilliant. love it. and i have one of those over the toilet thingies. i just cut the legs off! LOL!

  4. I cut the legs off mine first! lololol Then I found a wall mount for half of what I paid for the one I cut the legs off of! lololol


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